Danielle Callaghan Illustration

Children's Book

"A story about missing your home, when you’re far away, and all on your own…"

​Written by David Greaves, The Homesick Fox is a melancholy tale with an uplifting ending, about the isolation and loneliness of an urban fox which has lost its way and yearns for its true home: the countryside. At last the fox can bear his solitude no more, and without knowing where his paws will take him, he sets off on a journey into the night…
​I was commissioned by Stanage Press to create full page double spreads to illustrate David's story. I was inspired by the pace of the story which increases in speed towards the finale, and used watercolour washes to create a flow through the book. To accompany the launch of the book, I created two downloadable colouring sheets. 

Published in April 2020 by Stanage Press Ltd.

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